Best Hair Products For Mohawk Hairstyles

Mohawk hairstyle is known as in which a long layer spikes are left in the center and both sides of hairs are shaved to make a spikes style more appealing and fashionable. This haircut was derived from North American people who inhabited from mohawk valley. The people don’t shave their hairs, so they pull out and use best hairspray to make Mohawk style. Don’t complex yourself on “how to cut a mohawk and keep it up?” there are many products in the market like gel, wax and hairspray to keep a mohawk up for women and men but Got2Be is the best smelling hairspray for styling spikes and Got2B Glue that gives strong hold on your style according to your wish just like as freezing in the air.

Best Product for Styling Mohawk Haircut

Product for Mohawk

Got2B Blasting Freeze Hair Spray

Got2b GluedThe spray gives strong grip to hold hairs at one spot and they remain up until you next time shampoo. You can freez your hairstyles by using Got2B Glued spray which is available below. The Faux Hawk hairstyle with this product can remain as it is for three to four days. If you are searching for best gel for mohawk then you just need this spray rather then gel or wax.

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How to Hairspray a Mohawk: First shaved your hairs from both sides of head and keep three inches hair long strip in the center of head. Use got2B blasting Spray on top of three inches layer and spray heavily from base to top. Wait until they dry and finish it with an extra blast. For Mohawk haircut, spray hairs from root to end and move your fingers to properly mix spray in hairs properly. For maximum output apply spray on wet hairs.

Got2B Glued Spiking Glue for Faux Hawk

Got2b Spiking GlueAnother product launched by Got2B is Glue that gives strong grip to settle hairs at one spot. it could be used to style a Mohawk hairstyle more sticky. Even wind can’t move the hairs when Got2B glue used to make spikes haircut. Its water resistible glue which have no water impact on it so, don’t worry if you are planning for beach this weekend. Got2B glue could be used for all kind of spikes and hairstyles which you can get from below.

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Way to spike a Mohawk: Use Got2 Be glue on wet and damped hairs after that use your dryer to dry your hairs. Take small amount of Glue in your hands, rub your together and massage smoothly with mohawk shape from your scalp to upward. Apply Glue from root to top of hairs and get your Mohawk super stiff. To remove Glue from hairs you recommend the use Got2B squeaky cleaning shampoo which removes glue gently and give softness to hairs.