Best Product to Waterproof Leather Boots

Find the best product to waterproof leather boots for long life of your expensive pair that you love to wear.  Every single individual desires to improve the life of their leather boots by waterproofing because leather is an expensive and it requires a lot of determination to protect it from water. If you are too conscious about your ugg, leather, walking and suede boots then you should must use some best waterproofing leather boots spray product to protect them from snow and rain to look like brand new.

Getting your shoes waterproof is not a difficult but choosing the best product to waterproof leather boot is the tough job. We all get worry about our leather shoes when winter hits, specially when we plan for a tour to snow area, water lands, hiking and simply winter because water is always killer for your boots. So, that need a protector for leather life. For this, we filtered best waterproofing products for leather shoes that you must try.

Best Product to Waterproof Leather Boots

Best Waterproofing Product for Leather Boots

Here we recommends some leading products to waterproof leather boots by customer reviews and ratting that really gives outstanding results while protecting leather shoes. When you first bought a leather shoes pair, there can be instructions to protect from water have you ever read? will you ever care for a single water drop? no, we can’t. So. we work hard to provide you experimental recommendations about anything but this time we are going to recommend some of best waterproofing leather boots brands it can be cream or spray that are highly ranked in the leather protecting market.

Kiwi Camp Dry Water Repellent


Kiwi Water Repellent Leather ShoesThis product is launched by Kiwi famous brand for protecting leather boots. This product keeps water away and kept shoes dry. Its material keeps smell away and increases the life of leather shoes by repelling water. Its formula includes silicon that bonds leather and creates enormously strong barrier for rain. Its ideal product for protecting and waterproofing shoes, tents, outdoor gear and boat covers.

Directions: Before apply this spray, you should clean and dry first. Use it in gave-vent area where there is no moisture and keep it far from heat and fire. Apply camp dry product and then let your shoes dry up, it can take up to 24 to 28 hours. It produces outstanding results and increases the life of your leather boots on which you consistently use it.

SNO Seal Leather Protector


SNO-Seal for WaterproofingThis product SNO-Seal introduced by Atsko that is another best waterproofing brand for leather boots that maintain the quality and shine of the shoes as well. This leather protector waterproofing wax keeps away rain, snow, sun and all kind of thing that can harm leather. Its formula used to keeps leather dry and increase its life cycle, so it can last longer. Leather can absorb up to 1 pond of water but using this wax keeps snow away from leather and your shoes remain lighter.

Directions: First clean your shoes than apply wax evenly on all parts of shoes. Apply enough quantity that leather can easily absorb, it will darken all spots of leather.

Ways to Protect Leather Boots from Water

Proper protection is necessary and maintenance on time can extend the life of leather shoes. Cleaning on regularly will be important, and protect boots from rain as well as water. Follow these instructions for cleaning.


Take-out Innersoles. Before cleaning you must read the instructions by manufacturer, there are some shoes which innersoles can be washed by using machine.


Take-out shoe laces. Before cleaning take-out boot laces and then give a proper clean to shoes. Without removing laces cleaning can be done but removing them gives complete cleaning.


Use brush. Use of brush can take out dust and mud from leather boots. Use a detergent that helps taking mud and dust out, then scrub shoes with brush. After cleaning make sure they are dry completely before applying the waterproof spray.

We hope this guide will help you to long-life your shoes by best waterproofing product for leather boots. Do you know any other product which preforms more then mentioned products above? Share your experience with others to help them for protecting leather.